GIA report check for this stone can be seen link below:

Type:  Natural Yellow Sapphire
Weight: 11.16 carats
Per Carat Price: $3,000
Shape: Oval Cut
Dimensions (mm): 12.25 x 11.21 x 8.05 mm
Clarity: Transparent (100% Eye-Clean)
Cut: Octagon Faceted Step Cut
Color/Intensity: Yellow/ Intense
Origin: Sri Lanka
Treatments: No indications of Heating is found in this stone
Personal Grading: “A” (on a scale of “A” to “F”) – Comment: TOP Stone!
Rarity Scale: 8 (On a Scale of 10);


This amazing intense yellow sapphire is top-grade GIA certified unheated & untreated octagon cut 11.16 carats from Sri Lanka. Perfect for Vedic Astrological purposes (yellow sapphire represents strongly benefit planet “Jupiter”) or custom anniversary ring.

The gem is 100% eye clean with no inclusions or cloudy patches and highly saturated intense yellow color.   The sapphire has been certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as “No Indications of Heating”. This means there has been no treatment done for this sapphire which is very rare for this intense color & quality!


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