General Questions

We see ourselves more as gemstone & jewelry consultant than a traditional jewelry retailer.

Unlike our competitors, we believe before purchasing any item with us, the client should get full & honest information regarding what they are getting from us.  This includes treatment disclosures (very important for color gemstones), color, clarity and cut quality.  We are qualified to do so as we have in-house GIA Graduate Gemologist and usually all our stones come with highly reputable third party certificates.

Also, for any purchase we also believe never to “push a sale”.  Until you are satisfied and 100% sure with your purchase, we will answer all your questions or issues.  Buying jewelry is not cheap and not something we purchase every day, so why do we have deal with a pushy arrogant salesman?

Finally, as we don’t have a retail store, our clients are able to choose what they would like to make at wholesale prices.   This makes your jewelry more personal & unique and not mass production piece, which is usually found at majority traditional or online retailers.

We believe the “old way” in buying a diamond or a diamond engagement ring is now irrelevant.  Earlier diamonds had to go through multiple hands before you the consumer can get the finished product.  Keeping stock or inventory does cost money and engagement rings are not items that get sold every day.   Traditional retailers need to also pay for store front maintenance & rent, sales people salaries, marketing campaigns and commissions.   Where do you think all these costs are covered?  With your jewelry purchase!

We at Thai Native Gems have made our operations very efficient.  We keep office expenses to bare minimum – no store front maintenance or rent, no sales people, no expensive marketing campaigns and no “referral commissions” system.  Also, when sourcing diamonds or gemstones for our client’s we have contacts with multiple wholesalers and diamond manufacturers, locally & around the globe, and our main goal is provide our client’s the best possible deal.  Finally, when manufacturing your finished product, we have established strong relationships with handful of Thai Factories to ensure your end jewelry product is of high quality & great price.

We can custom make any jewelry including, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, brooches, buttons, etc.  Only your imagination is the limit.  Our main focus is in 18K gold (white or yellow) as this is what is most comfortable with our Thai factory contacts.

If you like to produce something in platinum (PT 950), palladium or silver, this can be done as well, though we will highly recommend to avoid platinum due to lack of expertise in Thailand.

We also have two methods in making our jewelry.  The first is the traditional “hand-made” style finish, which the jeweler makes the wax model by hand first than get it caste and made.  The second is the more modern CAD/CAM method, which are computer-generated files that will then be used to print the finished wax models for casting and finishing the product.  The second method is slightly more expensive.

Payment, Shipping & Refund Polices

Our preference is Direct money Transfer (T/T), but we also accept Cash, Paypal (with a fee), Money Order, or Cashier’s Checks. We do not accept personal checks.

If paying by Direct money Transfer (T/T), Money Order or Cashier’s Check please notify us beforehand so we can track your payment from our end.

We are also flexible with other payment solutions so do message us if you have any other suggestions.

Yes, we can and we ship our products with FedEx (full insurance) to your door step.

The insurance provider is UPSC (Thailand) Limited (website:  UPSC helps us insure our products of any value, 100%, and have partnered up with FedEx to ship the products to you.  If somehow your shipping parcel gets misplaced you will get your money back.

If you would like to ship using only FedEx they will only provide maximum of US$100 insurance in case the parcel gets lost.

We do accept 100% refunds for loose diamonds or gemstones (not finished jewelry products) within 7 days after purchase, if the item is bought locally in our Bangkok office.

For items shipped internationally or made in jewelry, please contact us within 2 weeks of receipt of item. We will take 10% administrative & restocking charges for shipping the item back, so we highly recommend the customer to be fully satisfied first before purchasing.  The reason we have to charge this fee, because when shipping the items back, we are subject to pay the government 7% VAT plus other fees.  Also, as we operate in the wholesale environment with very thin margins, it is not possible for us to provide more generous return policies as compare to our traditional retail or online competitors.

To avoid misinformation or miscommunication, we urge customers to email us at regarding the article they are interested in so we can provide more detail information, pictures or videos.   We would like to make sure you are 100% satisfied before you commit.

We normally refund ONLY if the item was misrepresented, but will work with anyone for any reason. We want you to be happy with your purchase!   Items must be returned in the condition shipped.