Why choose us?

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Diamonds or Gemstones from anywhere

We can source over 500,000 GIA certified diamonds, which is 1,000 times more than any jewelry store.

We can also source any gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, etc.  Your imagination is the limit.

Our source is from our extensive network of contacts, which we have established in the trade for last 50 years.  We have subsidiary, partners & company affiliates in various countries around the world including, Thailand, India, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Hong Kong, USA, Israel and Dubai.


Cheaper & Better quality

Any diamond or gemstone you purchase from us is 40% less than any traditional jewelry store

We can do this as we are providing you the diamond or gemstone value in ‘wholesale.’


Confident in service we provide

Your purchase will be appraise at or higher than what you paid for.

We are confident we can deliver quality products in ‘wholesale’ prices as we have been doing it for so many years with so many clients!


In House orThird Party Certificate

All stones sold by us are verified by our in house GIA Graduate Gemologist or have a reliable third party certificate.  If the stones are source outside of Thailand, we make sure all stones we acquire are certified by our short list of reliable labs.

Having a trustworthy certificate is important as it guarantees quality of the item you are buying.  This is especially true for gemstones as they are usually subjected to different levels of treatments which affects the price.


No “One Size FitsAll” Approach

This is an opportunity for you to get your own personal custom jewelry which will be made exactly to your taste, style and liking. We will walk through with you step by step in understanding what you require in terms of gemstones, diamonds or jewelry, explain to you the positives & negatives for each choice and provide you a solution that “fits only for you.”

Making jewelry, finding gemstones or diamonds are like individual people – no two are alike. You and your partner have different style, tastes, likes and dislikes which might not be the “in” thing for the market at this moment.

We are not your typical large brand online or store retailer. Even though they are considered the gold standard in our industry for branding & marketing, large companies still can’t provide you the custom personalized high-quality service that you deserve.  With them you will be paying for their branding, marketing and retail space on top of the materials you will require when making your typical jewelry.   With us we will actually talk to you, get to know you and show you what true value of money is with your purchase of wholesale gemstones, diamonds and custom jewelry.