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At Thai Native Gems, our priority has always been customer satisfaction. Whether it is for a special occassion or for personal use, we strive to deliver the best to make it a memorable purchase for you.  We have therefore created a testimonial section on our website to let you know what our customers say about our products and efforts.  Please feel free to browse through their experiences. If you would like to share your story, you can email your testimonials/images directly to us at and we will love to add it below.

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Latest Testimonial

IGI Certified 0.87 carat diamond engagement ring set in 18K yellow gold

Really happy to find this place. Tarun was very nice and help me to find the perfect engagement ring that in my budget. He made this process very easy for me and the ring was exactly what I wanted. Very recommended!!

Oren Gluska, Bangkok, Thailand
(August 2019)

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5.30 carats (15 pointers each) Two Full Eternity Diamond Wedding Bands set in Platinum (PT950)

They are even MORE SPECTACULAR on!! We had an amazing experience working with Tarun. He was incredibly patient while I tried to sort out exactly what I wanted. Once I decided, it was easy to relay all of the details to Tarun over WhatsApp and email. He had the rings made to our specific requirements and I received the rings on Monday exactly as promised!! Tarun is trustworthy and a kind and generous soul, I am thrilled to have had my rings made with him!

Lupe Martinez, Oakland, California

(August 2019)

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Unique & Classical, GIA certified G-VS1 0.60 carat Asscher (Square Emerald Cut) Solitaire Engagement Ring!

Great service with professional Gemologist. Mr Tarun helped me find the perfect engagement ring. I would strongly recommend this place.

Maurizio Ghisleni, Bangkok, Thailand
(August 2019)

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1 carat Unheated Mozambique Ruby Set in Flower Swirl Diamond Design Ring! 

Tarun navigated me through choosing a ruby without the pressure . Gave me a wealth of knowledge to help me make the right choice for my expectations.

Top class service from a real expert

Phil Dale, Bangkok, Thailand
(July 2019)

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GIA certified 0.54 carat, G-color, VS1-clarity, Triple Excellent Solitaire 18K white gold ring

Very good service. I purchased engagement ring with Gia diamond. I made order even without visiting their office, payed by PayPal.

Tarun helped to choose the diamond and kept me informed during the whole manufacturing process of the ring.

Ilyas, Koh Samui
(July 2017)

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GRS certified Vivid Red ‘Pigeon’s Blood’ 2.03 carats, Octagon shape Burma (Myanmar) Ruby center & 18K yellow gold

Thank you so much Tarun for your expertise and assistance in our search for the most perfect ruby. It is the exact cut and color that we wanted. We are ecstatic with the ring. You were very helpful and patient with all of my questions and concerns. We are looking forward to purchasing more jewelry from you in the future.

Thanh Nakata & Cindee Tran,
Santa Cruz, California

(March 2017)

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Custom made Classical Diamond & Ruby Single Band set in 18K white gold

I am thrilled with my ring. Tarun has been patient and reliable and so helpful through the whole process. I highly recommend his service.

Madeleine Stanimeros, United Kingdom
(March 2017)

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0.67 carats Solitaire Twirl Ring Design set in 18K white gold

The service we received was great. Tarun explained all our options within our budget without being pushy, allowing us to make an informed decision. He even let us use his microscope to compare the diamonds.

The ring was completely finished within 2 weeks and as you can see, it’s absolutely stunning.

Top class service from a real expert

Christopher Warren, Bangkok, Thailand
(February 2017)

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1.05 carat Cluster Diamond Ring set in 18K Rose Gold

We are absolutely thrilled with the service from Tarun. From start to finish his help and guidance was first class. It would be hard to find a more trustworthy and honest service in thailand.

Yannick Magee, United Kingdom (January 2017)

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Three Stone & Twisted Strand Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

An exceptional piece!! Miyoung Ryu and I could not be happier with the results. Really enjoyed working with Tarun through the entire process of coming up with the concept for the ring, sourcing the stones, going over the design, and examining the final product.

Adam Andrew, Bangkok, Thailand
(January 2017)

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2.88 carat Untreated Burma (Myanmar) Ruby & Diamond Ring 

The ring design was quickly agreed with Tarun (he developed a 3D model). Working with Tarun have been very productive at all stages of my order. The ring I received. Quality products are fully satisfied.

Viktor Kishenkov, Russia
(January 2017)

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Vivid Red 1.19 carat Thai Ruby, Diamond & Yellow Gold Ring

 I would recommend Thai Native Gems to anyone that would like to have jewellery made. Tarun provides a great service and quality jewellery.

Michelle De Brincat, Australia (December 2016)

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0.89 Carat Solitaire Halo Diamond Rose Gold Ring

I am so happy with the manufacture and service provided by Thai Native Gems for my wife’s ring and mine. We are really proud of our rings! Thank you!!!

Marc Stoudmann, Switzerland
(November 2016)

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GIA certified, 1.13 carat Princess solitaire diamond ring

My fiancé really love the ring. It looks stunning and truly beautiful with the perfect Princess cut diamond ring sparkling on her finger ?

Mo Summer, Denmark
(August 2016)

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Burma (Myanmar) Ruby & Diamond Engagement Ring 

Your persistence in sourcing this incredible ruby to match our exact expectations for colour and budget proves your professionalism and your dedication to clients.

Dagmara & Gordon, Australia (August 2016)

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0.67 Carat Marquise & Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

We got the wedding band from Thai Native Gems and we were very pleased with the amount of details and craftsmanship in the ring. Thank you guys!!!!

Vinod Pannerchilvam‎, Singapore (June 2016)

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GIA certified 1.01 carat, J-color, VS1-clarity, Triple Excellent Classical Solitaire Engagement Ring

Thanks Thai Native Gems – quality work and on time.

Very happy.

Jeremy Ross, Bangkok, Thailand
(June 2016)

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Personalized Golden Heart Shape His & Her matching bands

Thanks for the great rings you did for us. Not too many jewellers will make a ring based on custom design and do a good job at the same time. Well done.

Krejsa Pavel, Phuket, Thailand
(May 2016)

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His & Her Celtic design 18K White Gold
Wedding Bands

Tarun of Thai Native Gems has again exceeded all of our expectations. They first made our bespoke engagement ring which was stunning and have now completed our bespoke wedding rings.

Ruairi & Adele Mccafferty, United Kingdom

(May 2016)

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GIA certified 1.23 carat Solitaire with Side Diamonds Ring

Thank you very much Tarun for making the above ring for my Fiance Sar (she did say Yes by the way). We are both very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of the ring and the friendly efficient service.

Wayne French, Bangkok, Thailand (April 2016)

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Uncertified 1.10 Carat White, Eye-Clean Diamond Ring

[Email by Client] We were really happy with the frank, accomodating and non pushy service, provided by Thai Native Gems. Our heartfelt thanks for working within our budget and you will be the first that we will approach if we need gems!

Cynthia Seah, Bangkok, Thailand (March 2016)

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Triangular Three Ruby & Diamond set in 18K white gold

I must say I am amazed at the quality of the work done at Thai native gems, the earrings are exactly similar to the pendant (color of the rubies, heart shaped top…) and I find the diamonds shine even more.

Cindybern Hardt, Bangkok, Thailand
(March 2016)

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GIA certified Round & Diamond Tapers Engagement Ring

We were real happy with the service. It was a very personal process which mixed our own ideas and thoughts along with their expertise and guidance. Tarun puts no pressure on the client, which is nice.

Jasmine Xu, Bangkok, Thailand (March 2016)

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Six prong Solitaire Diamond Ring set in 18K White Gold

Ring owner here! Or… maybe my wife to be is now an owner… I am not sure. Either way she is very happy about the ring. Me too :). It is beautiful and sparkling (very very sparkling).

Mikhael Macherkevich, Koh Samui, Thailand

(March 2016)

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Golden Heart shape Wedding Bands with Laser Inscription

After several unsuccessful discussions with jewelers who wanted to give us what they had, rather than what we wanted, we were fortunate to find Thai Native Gems who immediately fully embraced and understood this sentimental gift that we wanted for each other.

S & P, Bangkok, Thailand (February 2016)

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Vivid 3.26 carat Red Spinel from Burma (Myanmar) Ring

The trust and the quality of listening given by Gupta has made the overall process a marvelous adventure and as a result we got a truly unique and precious jewel for a life journey.  I strongly recommend Thainativegems to anybody who want to create a unique gift for his/her beloved.

Sylvain Barthelemy, Thailand (November 2015)

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GIA certified Solitaire Diamond Ring Set with ‘Infinity’ Design Sides

This was made for me whilst I was away working Offshore,from start to finish everything was done via E-mail and Tarun kept me well informed through out the process.,Thai Native Gems sourced the Diamond and gave me many choices of what was available.

Billy Hollows, Thailand (November 2015)

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Laser inscribed wedding bands in 18K white gold

Big Thank You to Tarun expertise and efficiency for design of those beautiful wedding band , we love it !

Xavier Lecourt, Thailand

(October 2015)

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5.21 carat Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka (ceylon)

[By email] The sapphire is beautiful! Very professional, courteous service. The price was excellent and the quality outstanding!

Karen, Philadelphia USA

(October 2015)

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0.62 carat Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring

I recently got a proposal ring for my fiancee and approached Thai Native Gems to make some additions to the ring. They were great and friendly and were always ready to assist us. They were extremely patient in understanding and seeing to our needs.

Vinod Pannerchilvam, Singapore (October 2015)

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GIA certified 0.78 carat, J-color, VVS2-clarity, Triple Excellent Solitaire Diamond Ring

[By email] I found the service to be very professional, with a very welcome personal touch. I think that Tarun’s approach of offering a bespoke service, enabling you to select your own Diamond, combined with prices that are markedly less than full retail, is a winning formula for all.)

Tim, Bangkok (September 2015)

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GIA certified Triple Celtic Design Diamond Ring

[By email] The ring is fantastic and exceeds all our expectations. [Wife] is thrilled with the design, setting and of course her diamonds!
Thank you so much for all your efforts , professionalism and guidance in the whole process from conception right through to the final selection.

Ruairi Mccafferty, United Kingdom

(July 2015)

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GIA certified 1.51 carat, I-color, VS1-clarity, Triple Excellent Solitaire diamond ring with ‘infinity’ design sides

[WhatsApp message] – Thank you so much for your work on the ring. It’s absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t ask for more!  You did an amazing job thank youuuuu!!!!

Anonymous, Thailand

(June 2015)

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GIA certified 0.92 carat, H-color, VVS2-clarity, Triple Excellent make Solitaire Diamond ring set in 18K white gold

This was for my now Fiancée and it is absolutely fabulous!. I would not hesitate to recommend Tarun as he was simply excellent in every respect from start to finish. Many thanks Tarun.

Richard Moore, Thailand

(April 2015)

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GIA certified 1.01 carat, I-color, VS1-clarity, Triple Excellent diamond center & 18K white gold

Thank you Thai Native Gems for helping me with our engagement ring !…very professional & courteous service

Andy Matthews, Thailand

(February 2015)

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His & Her Heart Shape Wedding Bands with laser inscription

We love them tarun. Fantastic job yet again!

Paul Heap, Thailand

(February 2015)

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GIA certified 1.01 carat Square Cushion Cut, E-color, VS1-clarity Diamond

Tarun helped me in finding the best stone for my engagement ring, at the best price ! Now the diamond is on my fiancée’s finger And looks amazing. If you want to buy stones or make custom jewelry, do not hesitate: Tarun (and his family business) is your man!

Tomas Le Chevalier, France

(January 2015)

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Three Stone Round and Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Thank you so much for getting this sourced and made for us – I’m so pleased with the ring and have had many compliments on how sparkly it is! I’ll be back as soon as I’ve saved up and have already recommended your work to friends.

Jane Huthwaite, Bangkok, Thailand

(January 2015)

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GIA certified 1.35 carat Princess Solitaire and Side Diamonds Engagement Ring

I am very pleased with Thai Native Gems. No hard sale and very patient. Gave my budget and requirement and received lots of options. Rock arrived quickly and setting can be done with any custom design. Any problems will be resolved. Very trustworthy and definitely a solid recommendation.

Aldwin Malabanan, Bangkok, Thailand

(January 2015)

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1.01 carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement ring

Very impressed with the service of Thai Native Gems. Diamond within my budget and that’s it deal done. The setting was selected and completed within the time frame specified. Very happy customers.

Paul Blackshaw, Thailand

(January 2015)

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1.02 carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement ring

What a fabulous company to deal with. All we did is give our limitations and he provided bargain price options on top quality stones, I got a terrific deal, it was great being able to pick a stone and just have it made, and as you can see, terrific workmanship.

Brent Giles, New Zealand

(November 2014)

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Astrological Lucky Engagement ring set with GIA center diamond & multi-color gemstones

Shortly after selecting the diamond and specifying the design, this ring was complete and was to my fiancee’s liking! Tarun simplified the steps involved and answered all my questions. Along this journey, I was able to create a friendship with Tarun and his immediate family

Vishnu Pabbathi, Washington D.C, USA

(November 2014)

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Pair of beautiful oval blue zircon

[By email] – The stones came in the mail today and they are spectacular!! I have a friend who is a jeweler and gemologist, and she is asking $2,200 for them unmounted!!! Mine are more beautiful. Thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. [On Facebook] – I love these blue zircons!! The prettiest and purest color I have seen in Zircon. I recommend them to anyone. Beautiful!!

MaryLee Doering, Folsom, California, USA

(October 2014)

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Beautiful Blue Sapphire & diamond bracelet set in 18K white gold

Once again a very happy customer! Thank you for resetting my sapphires into this stunning bracelet. I am so impressed with your work, efficiency and superb customer service.

Laura Boenisch Zubrod, Singapore

(October 2014)

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1.95 carat Diamond Solitaire with side tapers ring

Tarun offered a very good price per carat and much less than the jewellers shops I visited. My fiancee loves the ring and I am happy and confident enough to say I would advise close friends to use Tarun for any advice or purchase concerning gems.

Jeremy Palmer. Shelf Drilling HSE Manager. Bangkok, Thailand

(September 2014)

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1.30 carat half-eternity diamond white gold ring

Absolutely stunning ring. Made just as I want it which is a credit to you as you could only work from photos! Just a shame I have to wait a few more months to wear it! Thanks so much.

Stephanie Daniel, Scotland

(September 2014)

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2.00 carats Vivid Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

She loved the ring!! Couldn’t have made it without your expertise.

Danny Patterson, Bangkok, Thailand

(July 2014)

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2.51 carats D-color, VS1-clarity Diamond Platinum Ring

Thank you so much Tarun for helping us create this masterpiece. You worked patiently with us for 10 months as we tweaked this ring until it was perfect. Thank you for your expertise in picking the diamond. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Laura Boenisch Zubrod, Singapore

(May 2014)

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Repair & replace center diamond – GIA certified 0.50 carats, H-color, VVS1-clarity, Triple Excellent make

We are very happy with the diamond provided, the repair of the ring and the service provided by Tarun. He went out of his way with meeting times and was very patient regarding diamond selection. The photo does not do the ring justice!

Karen Humphries-Waa, Bangkok, Thailand

(May 2014)

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2.53 carats Asscher Cut Halo Design Diamond Ring

A very happy client indeed! Tarun, thank you for expertise and professionalism. The ring turned out better than I could have ever imagined. You executed the design exactly as discussed and I could not ask for more. With you I never felt like I was being pushed or rushed into any purchase.

Eyasu McCall, Bangkok, Thailand

(April 2014)

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0.35 carats Solitaire Diamond Gold Ring

Buying the ring from Thai Native Gems was really nice. Treated great and was given a lot of information about diamond rings which helped me a lot in making my decision. I would recommend anybody that’s looking for a daimond ring to buy contact Thai stones. You won’t regret it.

Noel Huwae, Bangkok, Thailand

(April 2014)

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0.31 carats Solitaire White Gold Ring

Tarun, the service and expertise you have provided for us makes me want to buy her more gems from you. No one could ask for better service than being shown each particular gem and then picking up the final product with great conversation over tea.

John Dunson, Bangkok, Thailand

(March 2014)

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1.53 carats GIA certified Diamond Engagement Ring

Thank you for the exceptional quality and value for my engagement ring. My fiancée was overwhelmed by the brilliant and quality of the diamond. You provided 6 stars service and responded to my queries and help and guided me to make the best decision about my ring purchase.

Jonathan Chua, Singapore

(March 2014)

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3.94 carats Vivid Blue Sapphire from Madagascar

After nearly a year of negotiatons across the continents, the countless e-mails and research you did for me to find my perfect stone, here is the final product – my 15 year anniversary ring! I love it! You have the patience of an angel and you certainly deserve all the credit and praise for your professionalism and honesty in all our dealings!

Melinda Cussé, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

(August 2013)

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1.03 carats HRD certified Diamond Engagement Ring

The ring looks superb and it was a totally painless experience from chosing the stone to the design. Taruns knowledge and contacts made it all extremely easy and his upfront pricing means you know exactly what you are spending.

Peter Corcoran – Marketing Director of Agoda (Thailand)

(July 2014)

0.80 carats Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring

Tarun went to absolutely great length to make sure I got exactly what a I wanted in the selection of the diamond I purchased and help in the style of the ring which was eventually custom made by his jeweller. Myself and my partner could not have been happier with every single part of the process.

Capt. P. C. – Phuket, Thailand

(April 2013)

1.04 carats Oval Cut Diamond

Your professional demeanor with this business transaction has been exemplary. I can honestly tell you that should any of my friends travel to Bangkok to purchase a precious gem; YOU ARE THE “GUY” !

J. J. F. – Pensacola, Florida

(March 2013)

0.65 carats Diamond Necklace

Haven’t bought any jewelry for my wife for a long time and she absolutely loved this necklace!  Thank you!

R.G., Jaipur, India

(January 2013)

7.34 carats Unheated & Untreated Vivid Red Ruby Lot from Mozambique

I got the six stones today thanks

P.F., Quebec, Canada

(November 2012)

Classic 1 carat Diamond Solitare Engagement Ring

The ring came out exactly to the design I wanted.  And it is absolultely stunning!  My friends are also in love with it! Thank you so much!

P.M. & W.S., Bangkok, Thailand

(November 2012)

3 carats Diamond Pair (Each) H-color VS-clarity Triple Excellent GIA certificate stone

Been looking for a pair of 3 carats diamonds for my mother for a long time!  You found it in three days! This is my perfect anniversary gift for my parents! Thank you!

J.T., Bangkok, Thailand

(July 2012)

Custom Emerald Cabochon & Diamond set in 18k Gold Ring

Thank you for making this unique ring at such a reasonable price!

P.T., Bangkok, Thailand

(July 2012)

Emerald anniversary special

We opted for this 2.5 carat stunner, selected a design online from the choice that he emailed us and had it set into this clean finish. He simply makes it easy for you. He offers you the best at the best price with timely delivery over the best home-made coffee.

Joyeeta and Abhijeet Dutta Ray, Bangkok, Thailand

(February 2012)

1.90 carats I-Color, VS1-clarity GIA Certificate Perfect Square Cushion cut Diamond 

The diamond is awesome.  Beautiful fire, perfect symmetry, sparkles and is pure white.  Really fantastic!!!  It’s going to be nice to have it in the cushion halo setting, adding even more radiance and brilliance.
We did it!  You did it!  I did it!  We did it!

J.P., Washington D.C., USA

(March 2012)

1.52 carat I-Color, VVS2-clarity GIA Certificate Square Princess Cut Diamond

it was such a pleasure to work with Tarun on getting the best quality diamond within the price range that I was working within.  I had the utmost faith in the entire process especially since I was purchasing the diamond across the world in the US. This means that I had to make my decision based on pictures but more importantly on pure trust – and needless to say it was not a misplaced trust. My wife was so thrilled.

Sebastien Tobler, Chevy Chase, MD, USA

12.97 carats Natural Red Ruby from Madagascar Purchase

Have been looking for a reliable gemstone dealer in Bangkok for the last few days and at last we found you.  Thank you for making us understand the different types of rubies and informing us exactly what we are purchasing.  It has truly been a pleasure meeting and buying from you Tarun.

A.C., Hockessin, DE, USA

(February 2012)

3.75 carats Vivid Red Ruby from Madagascar Purchase

Thank you very much for the beautiful Ruby, Tarun.  I sincerely appreciate your help in choosing it for me.  It beat all my expectation and more; will definitely buy from you again.

P.B., Mumbai, India

(February 2012)

1.15 carats faceted blue Jeremejevite Purchase

We were very pleased with the Jeremejevite we ordered from Thai Native Gems. They were a pleasure to do business with.

Parag & Whitney Adhyaru, Jupiter, Fl, USA

Custom Ruby Center & Diamond Engagement & Wedding Band Ring

Tarun!! They are beautiful!! Today at work everyone wanted your details. Should I share? ?

A.R., San Francisco, CA, USA

18k Gold & Diamond Custom Ring made for “already” purchased 6x5mm Pink Sapphire Center stone

Wow! Came out more gorgeous then the sample designs we sent you!  We all loved it including our two children.  Exactly the ring I wanted to give my wife! Thank you so much.

T & H Grew, Britain, United Kingdom

7.01 carats Vivid Royal Blue Sapphire from Madagascar Purchase

I received the sapphire this morning, it looks great, my wife likes it very much. She already put it in her setting and the ring just looks gorgeous. Thanks very much.

A.L, San Francisco, CA, USA

2.20 carat vivid color yellow sapphire unheated & untreated from Sri Lanka

Good seller and pleasure doing business with.  Thank you.

S.K., Colorado Spring, USA