Type:  Natural Emerald
Weight: 2.49 Carat
Per Carat Price: $5,965
Shape: Octagon (Emerald) Cut
Dimensions (mm): 9.41L x 7.38W  x 5.68H
Clarity: Transparent (SI) – Visible Inclusions – Normal for emeralds or Type III Gemstones
Cut: Step Cut
Color/Intensity Top Green/Vivid Muzo Color
Origin: Colombia
Treatments: Minor Clarity Enhancement (Minor Oil Treatment)
Personal Grading: “B” (on a scale of “A” to “F”) – Comment:  Beautiful Colombian Emerald!
Rarity Scale: 4 (On a Scale of 10);


On request, we can forward you a video of this emerald

This emerald is an amazing top vivid muzo green emerald from Colombia, consider the world’s premium mine.  It has been treated with ‘minor’ oil.  The picture doesn’t do justice to the color of this stone (impossible to capture Muzo green emerald color).

The emerald has been certified by renowned Christain Dunaigre with Minor Oil Clarity Enhancement. This means the stone has been subject to minor oil treatment which is normal for 99% of emeralds in the market.


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