Octagon (or Emerald Cut) Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Please note that this item has been sold and if you would like to acquire a similar ring please feel free to contact us by email at sales@thainativegems.com.  

Also, we don’t keep these items in stock and will have to custom make it, which usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to source & manufacture a ring.

For this product, we custom-made this engagement ring with GIA certified 1.13 carats Vivid Royal Octagon cut Blue Sapphire which we sourced from the wholesale market – The pictures & video used in this post were the custom-finished rings that our client received and was very satisfied with.

Center Stone: Natural Blue Sapphire (Normal Heat Treatment)
Weight: 1.13 carats
Per Carat Price: US$750
Shape: Octagon (Emerald) Cut
Dimensions (mm): Center Sapphire was 7.11 x 5.10 x 2.99 mm, Two side diamonds were 3.75 x 2.5 mm
Color/Intensity: Blue/ Vivid
Clarity: Transparent (100% Eye-Clean)
Cut:  Octagon Step Cut (or Emerald Cut)
Ring Design Solitaire Sapphire with Two Side Diamond Ring
Ring Size Range:  56 mm (inner circumference) or US Size 7.5
Gold Weight: 18K White Gold – around 4.3 grams


A Rare Octagon (or Emerald) Cut Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

This design is inspired by our client and was custom-made by our CAD designer.

This particular engagement ring was custom made with a certified 1.13-carat Royal Blue Sapphire center, supported with two emerald cut 0.32-carat diamonds, and 18K White Gold.

The blue sapphire was 100% eye clean and has been certified as ‘Heated.’

This means the stone has been subject to normal heat treatment which is normal with 99% of all blue sapphires in the market.   Also, there is no advanced treatment like beryllium or lead glass-filled which is a lot cheaper.


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