Certified 2.97 carats Unheated & Untreated Burma (Myanmar) Ruby

Type:  Natural Ruby
Weight: 2.97 Carats
Per Carat Price: $500
Shape: Oval Cut
Dimensions (mm): 9.91L x 7.50W  x 3.96H
Clarity: Transparent (SI to I) – Significant to Very Significant Inclusions
Cut: Faceted brilliant
Color/Intensity: Pinkish Red/Strong
Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
Treatments: No indication of Thermal Treatment  (Guaranteed Unheated, Untreated & Completely
Personal Grading: “D” (on a scale of “A” to “F”) – Comment: Very reasonable 2 carat Burma Ruby
Rarity Scale: 8 (On a Scale of 10);



This ruby is completely natural which has NOT been subject to any heat treatment or any other treatment and is from Burma (Myanmar)!

This unique ruby has a pleasant pinkish red color hue and beautiful proportion oval cut shape.  Finding an over 2.5 carats completely natural, no heat treatment ruby from Burma in the modern age is very rare with the probability of less then 1% chance.

Also, getting the stone around this price is even rarer!  Due to this rarity, we will recommend any interested party to not hesitate and purchase this because they do go away very quickly!

The stone has been certified and sealed by Tokyo Gem Laboratory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


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