Certified 2.20 carats Rare Blue Spinel from Vietnam

Type:  Natural Ruby
Weight: 2.20 Carats
Per Carat Price: $800
Shape: Oval Cut
Dimensions (mm): 8.81L x 6.97W  x 4.49H
Clarity: Transparent (VVS to VS) – Very Minor to Minor Inclusions
Cut: Faceted brilliant
Color/Intensity Blue/Moderate
Origin: Vietnam
Treatments: No evidence of heat is found in this stone
Personal Grading: “B” (on a scale of “A” to “F”) – Comment: Very rare and difficult to find
Rarity Scale: 9 (On a Scale of 10);


Product Description

This stone very rare 2.20 carats natural blue spinel from Vietnam!

Blue spinel are one of the rarest gemstones in the market.  When you consider this plus the beautiful blue hue and being 100% natural unheated & untreated, this stone is prefect for any gemstone collector or enthusiast.

The stone has been certified and by Gemological Consultancy International


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